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Custom Programming, Coding, Software And Systems Design. 

O/S Platforms: DOS,  Windows, Linux, Android.

Application Software and Computer Languages Running on DOS,  Windows, Linux, Android.

Netw ork Communications: Telco, Traditionas Wired, Internet Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Remote.

Computer and Network Sipport Services: 
See Evancom® Corporate Services Overview.

Based in: Ontario Canada.

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Computer Consulting and Technical Support Evancom specializes in providing computer support from the hardware / software needs analysis & proposal review phase, through to the installation, maintenance and continued development stage.
Evancom provides support for implementation and maintenance of traditional networks, wans, vpns and wireless networks. We provide independent system design, implementation & training support from the preliminary through to the post installation stages.

Computer Equipment
Relocation Support

We help ease the transferring of computer equipment for those relocating or moving to a new business location. Whether it is one computer or a whole network we can disassemble, transfer, and set up your computer equipment to help make down time minimal. As well, we can provide temporary storage/warehousing for those system relocations that can not be done at the new location all at one time. Time saving, convenient, and cost effective!
Computer Security &
Corporate Governance Support
Evancom provides independent computer use/security reviews and audits to help expose IT security holes and weaknesses. Fundamental security weaknesses are found in various areas of computer communications ranging from company policy flaws, poor business practices, computer user habits, software weaknesses, hardware weaknesses and more!
Website Design & Management Evancom designs, creates and maintains business & professional websites. We work with our clients to deliver a practical, productive and effective presentation for internal intranet uses, or for the world wide viewing public on the internet!
Virus & Malware Remediation Evancom provides a virus analysis & removal/remediation support service to help those effected by computer viruses and malware. Whether your a one person company or a major international corporation you still face the same initial vulnerability and challenges presented by computer viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware and other malicious things introduced via the internet.
Webmaster Support Services Evancom Beach Road Studio is a private inter/intranet presentation design studio which provides clients with extended support for their website development. We provide everything from specifically requested internet support services, to full inter/intranet website consultation, creations, installation & maintenance ... plus more!
Computer File Transfers,
Conversions, Destruction
& Recovery
Evancom provides a data retrieval support service to help those who lost their means of getting data from one source and using it again. Likewise we independently destroy data and media to prevent others from obtaining it.
Computer Crisis Support,
Disaster Preparedness,
& Disaster Recovery
Evancom provides clients with extended support for disaster policy development, implementation & management.
Computer Crisis Avoidance Planning & Consultation ... Disaster Recovery Support ... Data & System Back Ups ... Data & System Restorations ... Hot Sites ... Cold Sites ... Computer & Network Crisis Consultation .. Independent Audits & Reviews ... Hands-On Implementation Support ... Corporate Policy Consultation ... plus more! It is all a part of things to consider to help reduce risks and damages caused by unpredictable events causing a computer crisis!
Network Installations,
Upgrades, Conversions & Maintenance
Network development today is complex. Business is no longer faced with maintaining the traditional network, but are required to extend networks to - Internet Servers (web, ftp, email), VPNs and wireless networks. Also more parties are involved - Hardware people; software people; network people; web designers; ISPs; cable carriers ...
Evancom specializes in independent systems design & implementation support from the initial network needs analysis & proposal reviews, through to installation coordination, maintenance and continued development.
Merger and Acquisition Support Company mergers & acquisitions require effective system rationalization, implementation & training related to the main computer and internet communication system.
We can help you integrate your information and communication systems to conform to company policies and procedures.

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