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Custom Programming, Coding, Software And Systems Design. 

O/S Platforms: DOS,  Windows, Linux, Android.

Application Software and Computer Languages Running on DOS,  Windows, Linux, Android.

Netw ork Communications: Telco, Traditionas Wired, Internet Wi-fi, Bluetooth and Remote.

Computer and Network Sipport Services: 
See Evancom® Corporate Services Overview.

Based in: Ontario Canada.

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Webmaster Support Services

  • Graphics
  • Digital Photography
  • Animation
  • Programming
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Image Mapping
  • Forms Design
  • Backdrops & Studio Space Facility Rentals

Evancom provides clients with extended support for website development ranging from specifically requested services, to full website creations, installation & maintenance. Instead of trying to develop a website with "in-house" resources ... Evancom webmaster support can be used!

* Personal, Business & Corporate Photos For Web Pages
* Custom Graphics, Image Mapping, Audio & Animation
* Web Page Creations Containing Company/Personal Particulars, Graphic Logos & Pictures
* Creation and Production of Interactive CD ROM Presentations and Applications
* Website Maintenance and Management
* Transferring Websites Between Internet Service Providers or Webservers
* Transferring Websites Between Personal Web Development Computers
* Complete Internet Presentation Creation
* Custom Internet Programming
* Website Updates, Re-Designs & Modifications / Renovations
* Studio Space Rental for Site Backdrops & Site Preparation
* Computerized Art, Logos & Creative Graphics Design
* Scanning & Digital Photography (On-Site or In-Studio)
* Photo Enhancements, Manipulation & Reproductions
* On-Line Catalogue Creations & Conversions
* Creative, Technical & Copywriting Services
* Technical Internet Consultation
* CD ROM Production and Labeling Services
* Document & File Conversions to Internet Friendly Formats
* Electronic Document Creation, Packaging & Distribution Support - CD, DVD
* Domain Name Registration & Management

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