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Based in: Ontario Canada.

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Data and Media, Transfer, Conversion, Destruction,
Recovery  & Retrieval Support

Got'ta Get The Data Files?
There are many reasons for not being able to get the data when you need it. By data we mean computer files of all types and formats - text, graphics, audio, animation and others. If you got'ta get the data, we may be able to help.

Evancom® provides a data retrieval support service to help those who lost their means of getting data from one source and using it again.

Some Services We Provide ...
  • Computer File Retrieval - retrieving a file from a different source so that it can be used again. Such as retrieving files of of old hard drives, old floppy disks, or broken and obsolete computers.

  • Computer File Conversions - converting information in computer files such as text, spreadsheet, graphics, audio or other types to different formats so they can be used by different programs or on different machines. File conversions are often used when clients are changing the software program they have been using to a new program and want to retain the information collected over the years and use it with the new software or computer.

  • Data File Recovery - from lost and damaged files on hard drives, compact disks (CDs) or other types of media can sometimes be recovered and used again. 

  • Data File Transfers - transferring files from one computer to another, one media to another, one network to another within local areas or around the world.  File transfers are often used when clients are changing computers and want to transfer the information on the old computer so it can be used on the new computer, or at a computer at a different location.

  • Data File Destruction - we provide independent file and media destruction service to those who need to make sure computer files are in fact destroyed and will not resurface on computers later at flea markets and internet auction sites. This service is part of corporate good governance and security programs.

  • Damaged Compact Disk (CD) Repair / Restoration - Poor treatment of compact disks (CDs) or DVDs can render them unusable. It can show up as skipping sound audio tracks, computer error messages, strange displays in visual presentations or other forms. Sometimes the problem is with the presentation/computer reading devices, and often it is as a result of scratched or soiled CDs. Often if the damage to the CD is caught at the eariest stage, it can be repaired or restored such that one can avoid the costs associated with recreating a document or presentation.

  • Hard Disk Drive Upgrades, Transfers & Backup Copies - There are occasions when you need to create a duplicate hard drive; or copy an existing hard drive to another (such as a bigger drive) and want to keep the same information and programs on the newly installed hard drive. We can help.

  • Computer Media Conversions - Converting data from old media types to new media.

5 1/4" SS-SD Disks 5 1/4" DS-DD Disks ZIP Disks CD ROM Disks CD RW Disks
3 1/2" 720 Disks 3 1/2" 1.44 Disks Ditto Tape Hard Disk Drives

Shark Drives

Memory Sticks


Compact Flash

  • Custom CD Creations, Labeling and Distribution Support - We provide the card type and mini CD creation service for those wanting to put their presentation on a square business card size CD or mini CD for distribution to clients, customers and the general public. The basic service includes the design and labeling of the card or mini CD, as well as transferring your presentation to the card or mini CD.
    Additional support options such business presentation creations, CD packaging and mailing service are available on request.
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